Kate and Lawrence


Sat Phone: 0405 536 943 (txt us for the cost of an Aust mobile)

Mobile Kate: 0498 869 360

Mobile Lawrence: 0457 072 154

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Lawrence and Kate, congrats on your new endeavour, I think after what you’ve experienced driving back from europe this must be a bit of a stroll in the park. It looks absolutely amazing and the australian outback ahhh, just brilliant. I’m going to be over visiting mum in Pemberton and my sister in Denmark in August this year.
    Will continue to follow you despite losing track of your re entry into Aussie. Perhaps you put toyota on a plane and flew back. :)) Take care, Julian and Lucia in Italy.


    1. Hi! Great to hear from you. Just finished the Canning Stock Route – was unbelievably difficult. Boris is a bit battered! What a shame we won’t be in Margaret river when you are down our way. Have a great time – it’s a lovely part of the world. We’ll be in Arnhem Land.


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