On The Road Again

Our latest adventure will take us to the Kimberely and hopefully as far north as Kalumburu, which is as about as far north as you can get in WA.

My last blog from our 2107 trip ended fairly abruptly in Alice Springs due to my back problems, but thankfully all is now well and we are back in action. For the record after finally leaving Alice Springs we headed to the Clare Valley and the Barossa for some continuing professional development, followed by a drive across the Nullabor and then Cape Le Grande National Park.

I hope to manage this trip without any visits to emergency departments.

Back to 2018 and we have made it far as Cape Keraudren north of Port Hedland. We discovered this spot 2 years ago and love it. Isolated, but not far from the main road. The signal is better here than home – hence blogging…

Cape K


Our first stop was Gladstone Bay south of Carnarvon – another fave. Next stop just south of Yardie Creek in the Cape Range NP, where I ran into someone I worked with 30 years ago.  Only 2 degrees of separation in WA. The next day we crossed Yardie Creek, despite dire warnings from all sorts about the dangers etc. Well frankly, it was a piece of cake so not sure what the all fuss is about. At low tide you just need to pick your line and drive through. Seriously if you can’t drive across that without difficulty you should hand in the keys to your 4WD.

Yardie Crk2

Yardie Crk

We spent a few days in the Ningaloo Reef area and did some great snorkelling but not having been there for about 25 years I was shocked at the amount of people and vehicles. It’s just not the same. Day 3 it bucketed rain, most unusual and we now know that Boris’s new checkerplate edging is not waterproof. Easily fixed though.

Our next stop will be Barn Hill south of Broome for more beach fun and generally chilling out. We are meeting friends in Broome and will spend a few days camping with them before we head further east on the Gibb River road.





2 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. We are keen to hear the condition of the Gibb River Road as we hope to use it in 2 months. Happy travels!!


  2. Hi Lawrence and kate,
    Nice to here from you again, and great that you are on the road again.
    Joanna and I are heading to the Flinders Ranges in October. wont be crossing the Nullabour just yet but we do hope to catch up in person one day.
    Cheers Bob


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