A Town Like Alice

I know I haven’t written a blog for ages, but this time I have really good excuse.

We left Katherine after meeting up with our lovely friends John and Wendy who’ve been travelling in northern NSW and QLD. After a quick catch up over coffee we headed to Timber Creek to start our journey south through the Gregory National Park.

From the Victoria Highway this area looked fascinating and we plunged in. We stopped at the very informative notice board about the different tracks and Lawrence said “Let’s do the Bullita Stock Route!”. I looked at him as though he was deranged but somehow found myself agreeing to this.Bullita

To cut a long story short, all the tracks through the Gregory are hell and to add insult to injury, it is a dreary landscape. Not much to see, except a family of Jabiru on our last morning. Mum, dad and the twins. A heart warming sight as my back was protesting about the terrible track.

The only interesting bit!

We ended up on the Tanami Road into Alice and booked into a ‘Resort’ (in the NT this means a palm tree and a swimming pool). However we had a nice little Studio, we ‘did’ Alice Springs and a load of cooking (me).

My back was feeling a little worse for wear but nothing to worry about. Been there before, just ignore it, take a brufen, haha.

We made it to Erldunda – halfway to Uluru for the night but the next morning, my back really gave out and we had to head back to Alice Springs. I needed some serious drugs.

So here’s my excuse! We had 3 trips to the Emergency Dept in Alice Springs, the last one by ambulance (at least they give you the green pipe and morphine). Of course it was the weekend and on the Sunday night the burns victims from the stupid car rally came in, so I checked out. The ortho registrar wanted me to stay but I was low on the list at that stage. Those poor people needed the bed more than me.

Getting Diazepam in hospital is harder getting than heroin!

I tried physio with marginal success, but on the Wednesday I tried to walk through a small shopping centre and almost collapsed (again – I spent a lot of time collapsing) when a woman came over to help me. Turns out her husband was a chiropractor. An angel of mercy!!! They helped me to the car and I’ve seen him 5 times since – a miracle worker.


We went on a 3 day tour of the East MacDonnells as a test run and turned out fine. I can’t walk far – maybe 1km, but at least I’m mobile and off the drugs. Had a last visit to Darren today and getting better by the day – it’s been a long haul. Oh BTW it was a compressed disc pushing against my spinal nerve.

Trephina Gorge – East MacDonnells

So tomorrow we head off to the West MacDonell Ranges and all those fabulous walks on the Larapinta Trail that I won’t be able to do and then around to Uluru. I’ll just have to sit in the bar whilst Lawrence does the walking. Bugger.

If anyone needs to know a fabulous Chiropractor in Alice Springs – ask me.







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